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Mission: The mission of Harvest 360 Labs Inc. (H360 Labs) is to provide technologically advanced expertise in analytical, regulatory, and compliance services to the emerging hemp and cannabis markets. H360 Labs provides testing, and innovative solutions to cultivators, processors, and manufacturers of a wide array of products in order to set the conditions for and support the agricultural, scientific, and medical communities. We seek to drive and contribute meaningfully to the cannabis industry of the future.

 H360 Labs endeavors to be one of the most trusted and authoritative cannabis companies in the world, known for having its finger on the pulse of the global cannabis industry and a visionary eye toward the future. H360 Labs shall provide the most advanced technology and experience-based solutions to facilitate research and development and sustainable operations to industry leaders, researchers, and governments at all levels.

Testing Services include the following:

Mycotoxins Testing
Residual Solvents and Processing Chemicals
Heavy Metal Detection
Homogeneity Testing
Moisture Testing
Pesticide Screening
Microbial Impurities Testing
Foreign Material Testing
Terpene Testing
Soil Testing
Potency Testing

Other Services:
Operational Readiness and Quality Assurance Consulting