R&D Mission

H360 Labs R&D, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico is committed to facilitating rigorous scientific and academic research in order to explore all aspects of the cannabis plant. It is our intention to unlock the mysteries of cannabis and to improve the cultivation of the plant through research of genetics, soils, atmospherics, and methods of cultivation. H360 Labs seeks to be a platform for academic and research institutions that allows for the application of the most advanced analytical tools to the world’s most complex plant. We strive to bring legitimacy, transparency, and predictability to cannabis as a medicine. We also seek to improve the knowledge and techniques of the agricultural community in the cultivation of the plant. We believe that cannabis and hemp can positively impact a number of the world’s most complex issues such as the environment, healthcare, and social justice.

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R&D Leadership​

Todd Scattini

R&D Director

Todd brings strong leadership, global vision, and strategic direction to our multi-disciplined team of business experts and cannabis professionals. His energy is drawn from his passion for the plant and a deep-seeded desire to unpack all its possibilities to heal patients and our planet, legitimately contribute to a global economy, and bring social justice to our society. He is committed to creating an effective and responsible legal cannabis market on a global scale. Todd is a West Point graduate and brings with him vast experience gained during a distinguished military career serving in a broad range of leadership positions in complex domestic and international settings, including five years of diplomatic service. He is an expert at providing consultative assistance to senior leaders; developing and managing relationships with key decision makers; managing multiple complex projects simultaneously and communicating organizational goals and objectives. He has laid the groundwork for high impact in the rapidly emerging European markets.

Clement Hayes

General Counsel of H360 Labs

He holds a Degree from University of Colorado-Boulder in Evolutionary Biology . Mr. Hayes then attended St. Mary’s University School of Law where he graduated Cum Laude. During his time at St. Mary’s he served as the Editor in Chief of the St. Mary’s Law Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics and was a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Edward C. Prado of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals He is also a registered patent attorney. His breadth of experience allows him to provide innovative yet realistic solutions to any growing business. Clement currently hold a position as a Program Coordinator at the U.C. Health CeDAR program. In addition to being the founding attorney of Block45 Legal, Mr. Hayes was an attorney with Messner Reeves LLP where he managed the intellectual property portfolio of a fortune 200 company. Mr.Hayes is a long-standing member of the American Intellectual Property Association (AIPLA) and serves as President of the Denver Chamber of Commerce Leads Group.

Luis Rivera Marin

Government Relations and Outside Counsel

As Puerto Rico's 25th Secretary of State, he was a member of all Executive Branch councils and, in coordination with the US Department of State, the official representative of the US territory of Puerto Rico in all international and consular affairs, and Chief Economic Development Advisor to the Governor. He also served as energy, commerce, and housing regulator for the island, and Executive Director of Puerto Rico Tourism. Rivera-Marín has advised Puerto Rico’s principal financial institutions in compliance and secured transactions issues, and has served on various boards including the Board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, the Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank, the Tourism Development Fund, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, Automobile Accident and Compensation Authority, and Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Rivera-Marín has held various corporate positions leading the expansion of businesses in Puerto Rico, including, President of General Automotive Services, Inc., Health & Wellness Network of the Americas, LLC, Logistics Technology Solutions, LLC, and Chief Compliance Officer of Puerto Rico Consumer Debt Management Co, Inc.

David Serrano

R&D Lab Director, Puerto Rico

A serial social entrepreneur and industry advocate, David began his passionate journey with cannabis by extracting and infusing cannabis products for his mother in 2010. He has since studied and directed in almost every sector of the industry, from energy production, business incubators, cultivations, to sales channel development. David brings a wealth of insights from his nationwide engagements to compartmentalize industry operations and craft a thoughtful, disruptive, and evidence-based comprehensive business plan. He leverages skills in management advisement from his prior military career that earned him multiple commendations and awards for reduction of waste and processing times, to exceptional administrative turnarounds.

R&D Leadership